Curating a Styling Kit

Curating a Styling Kit

Posted by Heather Johnston on 2020 May 9th

We take great pride in curating each and every kit.

Every kit is hand picked, starting with one piece. Sometimes, we have a new ribbon we have fallen head over heels in love with. Sometimes, it's a new vintage piece that really tells a story. 

When we find a groove...we have been known to create up to 8 kits in a day...and we love those days!  

The pieces we have collected really speak to us.  Once we start styling a us go! haha

Bringing these lovely kits to life is a dream job, and we can't tell you how much we love putting these together for you all!  What is your favourite styling piece?  We would love to know what works best for you!

This is Silver Platter // SOLD OUT 

We also name each kit.  Through the curating and designing process we discuss each one.  

The colours.  

The pieces.  

The style.  

Each one evokes its own name.  

We hope you love the names we come up with too

cheers to style

~Heather + Kim