Silver Trays...your new must have styling piece!

Silver Trays...your new must have styling piece!

Posted by Heather Johnston on 2020 Jun 15th

Curating the styling pieces for the shop has been a fun activity to dive into the past couple of weeks, as we get to venture out and about a little more and isolation restrictions are slowly lifted.

assortment of silver trays

Silver trays have been the best find!!  We have big, we have tiny, we have in between!

Some are for the kits, and some will go into the Build Your Own shop!  

large oval silver tray with blush styling cloth

The large, oversized trays with the dark patina are my favourite.  They offer such a great detail to the flat lay design, while also acting as the backdrop for the stationery, and allowing the styling cloths to make a statement.

lareg rectangular silver tray with grey chiffon styling cloth

large and small rectangular silver trays

There are rectangular and ovals in all sizes.  They can be used for tiny details like rings and bouts, or the larger trays for full stationery suites.  

large and small oval silver trays

 The new ones will be listed and available this week!!  Eeeeeeep!

details on large rectangular silver tray

Details of these trays are stunning, and we will have a hard time saying good bye to these beauties.

details on large rectangular silver tray

Pair the trays with our gauzy cheesecloth styling cloths in an assortment of hand dyed colours, our coordinating hand dyed ribbons, and other details from our styling kits.

Thank you to sam from Mountain Grove Studio for creating these beautiful hand lettered tags.

stack of round silver trays

Round trays are stacking up too!  The above photo is a stack of 7 silver trays in rounds!  The details on every tray are of a kind finds!

details of round silver tray

Silver trays might become your new favourite styling tool for your styling kit.  

They are a favourite for us!

Cheers to style

~Heather + Kim