What's Your Favourite Part Of A Styling Kit?

What's Your Favourite Part Of A Styling Kit?

Posted by Heather Johnston on 2020 May 12th

We want to know what your favourites pieces are in your kit!

Is it the ribbon?  The Silver trays?  Or the postage stamps? Let us know!!

Naked // One of a kind kit

We must admit, our fav pieces change on the daily...sometimes many times a day if we are designing new kits to list!

Papaya Pretty // one of a kind kit

When designing the kits, we want to make sure the key elements are in each one.  The styling blocks, the ribbon, the postage stamps + wax seals, and the sweet little scissors...these are the pieces you can use in every flat lay design!

And most of often, its one of these that play the role of our 'fav piece'!

Bare // one of a kind kit

Styling cloths also play a key role in our kits.  

Each styling cloth and ribbon is hand dyed to create a colour collection we can curate the rest of the kit around.  

We build around colours, to help you build a collection of kits, and styling pieces you can use with any stationery suite, bridal jewelry set or even newborn session! 

(yes, we have newborn styling kits too!)

Pretty In Pink (baby ) // one of a kind kit

We hope you find many favourites in your Curated Kits!!!  And we want to know what they are!! 

If there is something you really want to see in one of our kits, contact us to inquire!

We have some beautiful new pieces in the works...we can barely hold on to the news!!!  

But, you are gonna have to wait along with us! 

cheers to style 

Heather + Kim