You don't have to ask here...equality for all

You don't have to ask here...equality for all

Posted by Heather Johnston on 2020 Jun 22nd

Our world is made of all the colours and all the beings.  

Curated Kits celebrates it all.

Rainbow of hand dyed 1" raw edge silk ribbons

We dream in a rainbow of colours that make our world a brighter and better place to be.

rainbow of raw edge hand dyed 2" silk ribbons

circle of rainbow 1" hand dyed raw edge silk ribbons

There is room for anyone and everyone at this table friends.  

Curated Kits takes a stand with equality in love, race and rights.

rainbow of raw edge silk 2" ribbon

rainbow of raw edge 1" hand dyed silk ribbon on wooden spools

rainbow circle of 1" raw edge hand dyed silk ribbon

In kits with hand lettered tags, we include two bride, and two groom tags.  Hand lettered by Mountain Grove Studio.

To our valued clients, we are happy to have created an open minded and ready to learn studio space.  If you have questions for us, please reach out to us anytime at

cheers to style

~Heather + Kim